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Streetwise Dog Wins Over Millions Of Hearts Online

SANTIAGO, Chile (CBSNewYork) -- A bus driver in Chile caught a passenger hitching a free ride Sunday, and documented it on camera.

The dog apparently got on the bus with a man the driver thought was his owner.

But once the bus got to the last stop, the man was gone, and the dog was still enjoying the ride. And that's when the driver decided to record the brown dog resting.

Cristhian Lizama Fuentes said after he recorded the video, he hopped off to buy some breakfast for him and the dog but when he came back, the dog was already gone.

Asking around, he found out other bus drivers had also encountered the pup and that it has regular stops where it hops on.

The video has been widely shared on social media, with one version viewed more than four million times.

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