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Former Supermodel Stephanie Seymour Seeks Rehab In Connecticut Drunk Driving Case

STAMFORD, CONN. (CBSNewYork) -- Former supermodel Stephanie Seymour is asking to go to a rehabilitation center after being arrested for two drunk driving incidents last month.

As CBS2's Lou Young reported, Seymour stepped from shiny Mercedes Benz at Stamford Superior Court on Tuesday and made her bid to avoid criminal charges for allegedly driving drunk.

The former supermodel and music video star, who once dated Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose, has applied for a state alcohol education and accelerated rehabilitation program after refusing a field sobriety test in Greenwich last month.

"It's our position this is an ordinary first offender drunk driving case," said Seymour's attorney Phillip Russell. "Our experience has been most drunk drivers don't offend again. Miss Seymour has been appropriate all the way throughout the process."

Seymour was arrested on Jan. 15 on the southbound ramp to I-95 after backing her Range Rover into another vehicle, Young reported. The arresting officer said she smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and had trouble finding her license.

After she was arrested and charged, police found pieces of her car miles away near a broken utility pole, so additional charges of leaving the scene of an accident were added on, Young reported.

Both Seymour and her attorney seem aware that things could have been worse, but stop short of admitting she might have a drinking problem.

"(Young: You must be happy no one was hurt right?) Absolutely," Seymour said.

"People drink. Some people who drink have a problem. Some people who drink and drive don't realize what they've done," said Russell. "(Does Miss Seymour have a problem?) Not that I know of."

Officially the judge will decide if she's eligible for the program in April but the consensus is that it's a done deal. When Seymour completes the program, her criminal record would be expunged, Young reported.

Seymour, 47, currently lives in Greenwich with her husband Peter Brant. The couple has three grown children.

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