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New Bus Stop Feature Makes It Impossible To Get Any Sleep, Staten Island Residents Say

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Some say a constant nagging beeping is keeping them up at night on Staten Island.

That beeping is coming from a new bus stop feature designed to help certain commuters, but as CBS2's Alice Gainer reported, some want it to stop.

"It sounds like the emergency room right? Bing, bing, just constantly going off," one resident said.

Neighbors along Rossville Avenue on Staten Island said newly installed audio boxes at the bus stops are driving them mad.

"If you're in the kitchen, anywhere inside the house, windows closed, you can actually hear it," another neighbor added.

They said it's worse at night.

"I started hearing the ding when I put my little one to sleep," said one woman who asked not to be identified.

During the day traffic on the street somewhat drowns it out, but at night when things are quieter, the box is louder. A CBS2 news team timed it, and found that the beep goes off every twelve seconds.

Installed just a few days ago, pushing the button is supposed to provide bus arrival information.

One button didn't work, and another said, "there is currently no information available. Please try again later."

The Department of Transportation installed them for the visually impaired, they were added in addition to new, real time arrival signs that tell riders when the next bus is coming.

Residents near the noise said they understand the need for it, but are hoping it can be turned off or down after hours.

"At night time, when everybody's sleeping, and after rush hour," one neighbor suggested.

CBS2 reached out to the DOT which said they're, "aware of noise complaints and will send an inspector to adjust the volume."

They're hoping that will silence the complaints.

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