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State Department of Education orders NYC to complete investigation into failing yeshivas

NYS DOE orders NYC to complete investigation into failing yeshivas
NYS DOE orders NYC to complete investigation into failing yeshivas 01:41

NEW YORK -- There was a big announcement Monday on the future of Hasidic education.

The state Department of Education ordered the city to complete its long-overdue investigation into failing yeshivas, accusing the schools of failing many of the city's children.

Critics claim many of the city's Hasidic children have been deprived of what they call educational justice. They say yeshivas only teach religious curriculum, and don't teach basic skills like reading, writing and math. Now, the state is stepping in, demanding the city get to the bottom of the allegations within six months.

FLASHBACKCritics: Yeshivas are providing substandard education, city is taking no action

The original complaint from 2015 claims that several dozen city yeshivas failed to provide education that is "at least substantially equivalent" to that provided in the city's public schools, as is required by state law.

In 2019, the DOE concluded that 26 out of the 28 yeshivas it investigated failed to meet the minimum standards.

In the years since, the investigation has almost completely stalled.

Now, state Education Commissioner Betty Rosa is accusing the city DOE of stalling the investigation for "political reasons."

The DOE is controlled by Mayor Eric Adams' office, which under Bill de Blasio claimed it couldn't make headway in the probe because the department lacks Yiddish-speaking personnel and heads of yeshivas wouldn't grant access to the facilities.

A spokesman for Mayor Adams said, "We will review the order when we receive it."

Commissioner Rosa is demanding the city complete its investigation no later than June 30, including specific reviews of each individual school.

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