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Coyote Snatches Miniature Poodle From Stamford Resident's Yard

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- Pets are disappearing in one Connecticut town and coyotes may be to blame.

Coyotes are fairly common in the woods of north Stamford, but a pack near the Sterling Farms Golf Course has been growing bolder, WCBS 880's Sean Adams reported.

Animal control and Stamford Police have been plastering signs around the area warning people about coyotes since August 23.

Sue Chambers Torenzio told CBS2's Emily Smith she's upset and angry that no one notified neighbors sooner.

"They told me it was difficult to notify the public every time there is a sighting, and I had a difficult time understanding that because if I had had the knowledge my dog would be alive," she said.

Just down the road last week, elementary school kids had to stay inside because of a coyote sighting.

Lt. Nick Montagnese said coyotes have been in Stamford for a long time, but never this many at once. They said they are working on a solution.

"Once the trapper gets his license, and permit we will set traps at Sterling Farms, and the school, as well in the woods," he said.

Authorities suggested that dog and cat owners keep their pets inside unless they are under strict supervision.

While residents were asked to take the necessary precautions, the Torenzios continued to feel their loss.

"A landscaper who was cutting the grass called to say what he thought was my poodle," Torenzio said, "I was able to go and bring home the remains of my poodle and bury him and honor him the way he should be honored."

All the while hoping that by creating awareness they can prevent another death, and their dog from dying in vain.

Coyotes said if you do see a coyote it is never a good idea to feed or try to approach it.


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