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12-Year-Old Girl Says She Was Nearly Attacked By Coyotes In Connecticut

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) -- A Connecticut girl is sharing her story and hopes other people learn from her close encounter with coyotes.

"On Monday I was walking home and then there were coyotes following me and then I got almost attacked by one of them," Navya Sharma, 12, from North Stamford, told WCBS 880's Sean Adams. 

Navya said three coyotes tracked her along James Lane from the school bus stop.

"It jumped at me... it was growling at me," she said.

She said she ran home and now knows to stand her ground by making noise, waving her arms, and throwing rocks and sticks.

Navya's father, Gagan Sharma, spoke with animal control.

"I think if this is happening again and again then they should be putting some traps or something and educate people how to protect themselves," he said.

Pets have also been disappearing recently in north Stamford and coyotes may be to blame.

Coyotes are fairly common in the woods of north Stamford, but a pack near the Sterling Farms Golf Course has been growing bolder.

With coyote sightings on the rise, Stamford is reportedly in talks with the state to bring in a trapper.

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