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Man with Parkinson's disease narrowly survives stray bullet shooting

Man with Parkinson's narrowly survives stray bullet shooting
Man with Parkinson's narrowly survives stray bullet shooting 01:48

SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. -- A man living with Parkinson's disease who was struck by a stray bullet says he's grateful his injuries are not severe. 

Andre Thomas, an immigrant from Haiti, has a bandaged arm and a fright he'll never forget.

"It's been like hell, because I figure out I could lose my life," he said. 

Thomas, 60, was helping close up his cousin's laundromat in Spring Valley, New York late Tuesday when suddenly gunfire erupted up the street. Two bullets struck the building, and one came through the window. 

Surveillance video shows the moment Thomas realized he was shot. He called to his cousin and ran for help. 

"I said to my cousin, 'Somebody just shot me!' And he said, "Come over here!" Thomas explained. 

His cousin, Mesmin Saint-Fort, said if the shooting happened a few hours earlier, it's likely someone would have been sitting on the ledge in front of the window where the bullet came from. 

"Too many guns are out there. Innocent people are being killed, victimized every day," said Thomas. 

"You know that's the thing. I cannot understand why people are using guns like that," said Saint-Fort. 

Despite getting the fright of his life, Thomas said he ultimately feels fortunate. If the bullet hit an inch or two away, it would've struck his chest.

Saint-Fort said he's considering replacing the windows with bullet-resistant glass. 

Spring Valley police investigating the shooting are asking the public for help finding whoever was responsible for the gunfire. 

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