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Funeral Held For Security Guard Sandra Wilson As Spring Valley Library Reopens

SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Rockland County has indicted the homeless man accused of killing a library security guard.

Monday, six days after the crime, the library in Spring Valley reopened, and the community gathered to lay the victim to res.t

Brilliant sunshine greeted the large crowd at First Baptist Church. The rays of light from above seemed fitting to the family of Sandra Wilson, known for her brilliant smile and warm demeanor.

"Everyone loved her for her smile. Her smile is what made her Sandra Wilson. That smile will always be in our hearts," said her brother Ronnie Wilson.

"She really made everybody smile, she was always there for everybody. Just a wonderful person that we all will remember," said library patron Esther Dushinsky.

The joyous singing in the church reflects the congregation's belief that Wilson is at rest in a better place.

Even as the service was wrapping up, a Rockland grand jury was indicting the alleged killer, 25-year-old Blanchard Glaudin, formally charged with second degree murder.

WEB EXTRA: Read the complaint detailing charges against Glaudin

Investigators say he savagely attacked Wilson when she asked him to turn down the music on his smartphone. Finkelstein Memorial Library workers say he had a history of bothering Wilson.

"As Rockland County says goodbye to Sandra Wilson at her funeral service, I can state that Mr. Glaudin will be held accountable for the horrific murder of Sandra Wilson. My team will continue its pursuit of justice. I can only hope that this news brings some comfort to the family of Ms. Wilson," Rockland County DA Thomas Walsh said.

Early Monday afternoon, Finkelstein reopened for the first time since the attack. The crime scene on the third floor has been cleaned up, but memories of what happened are fresh.

"Very sad. Very sad," said library patron Ammon Fein.

Sandra Wilson had worked at the library for 11 years. Her coworkers adored her and she felt the same, according to Wilson's daughter.

"She loved everybody there. She always had something nice to say about them. She just made it seem like a good, loving environment," said Sandra's daughter Ka'Liyah Nash.

The temporary memorial to Wilson will eventually be removed. The community is considering a more permanent way to honor her memory. There's talk of co-naming Chestnut Street "Sandra Wilson Way."

Glaudin was charged in November with attempted rape at Nyack Hospital. The DA is looking into why the suspect was released without posting the $100,000 bond set by a judge.

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"It has been really hard," Ka'Liyah said. "I just think of her smile, and how she always took care of me."

"Today is a hard day, especially for me. Having to deal with my kids and walk them up to that casket," said Wilson's former partner Kenneth Nash. "I'm hurt. I'm devastated about what took place, how she had to leave this earth."

"My mom was a great person. She was loving, caring, and she wouldn't even harm a bug," Ka'Liyah said.

"She was an excellent security person," said friend Mae Davis. "She was doing her job... look what happened."

Click here to support a GoFundMe for Wilson's family, or here to share your condolences on the funeral home's website.

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