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Simple Ways To Recharge Your Body For Spring

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Winter's almost over and it's time forward to warmer weather.

Before we hop into spring, your body may be in need of a recharge.

At Haven Spa in downtown Manhattan they use tuning forks to help get rid of the winter blues.

"We use two different frequencies of tuning forks. One is weighted, with a lower frequncy," said massage therapist Lara Katsman.

Katsman developed the "harmony massage" to get the body energized. Tuning forks vibrate your body, which is supposed to restore your electromagnetic field by opening energy pathways. Katsman says it is perfect for a body that was at rest this winter season.

"This massage will help you to balance your soul, body and to feel in harmony with yourself," Katsman said.

Katsman also says this is an ideal time of year to take care of your skin.

"Cold weather and then heat in the apartment make our skin more dull, drier and dehydrated," said esthetician Hanna Naranjo.

Since the winter season dries skin out, special hydrofacials help revitalize skin and rejuvenate pigment by infusing different liquids and lactic acids into your face.

"Cleans your skin, deeply exfoliates and does some extractions," said esthetician Maria Orlova.

What about your diet?

"You need to clean out your winter sludge," said nutritionist and chef Nicolette Pace. "This is the very best time to get a jump on spring."

Pace says there are three key seasonal foods that will get your ramped up for spring. Dandelions are supposed to help detoxify your kidneys.

"Because they are a natural diuretic, they will eliminate bloating and puffiness," Pace said.

Spring onions are full of sulfur which help lower blood pressure and improve joint health. Then there are beets, which contain betalains.

"It's anti-aging. It acts directly on the liver for detoxification, helps you to cleanse out your entire body," Pace said.

Those are some simple ways to put a spring back into your step before the season even begins.



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