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Speaker Quinn Calls For Boycott Of West Village McDonald's After Violent Incidents

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is calling for a boycott of a West Village McDonald's, saying the restaurant has been a hot bed of violence and its management has not done enough to stop it.

The location on West 3rd Street has seen a rash of violent incidents over the last few years.  On March 17, a large fight erupted on the sidewalk outside the restaurant that featured plenty of tackling, choking and kicking.

"Most McDonald's all across our city are decent, quality businesses.  This one is not, which speaks to the individual proprietor, not the corporate model and the proprietor can change that in a heart beat," Quinn told 1010 WINS on Monday.

Last October, the same McDonald's was the scene of a violent incident involving two female customers and a male cashier.  The two women were seen jumping over the counter after some sort of dispute before the cashier grabbed a metal rod and struck the women.  No charges were filed because a grand jury said the cashier acted in self-defense.

"If the owner is listening, I would just ask the owner 'Why don't you want to keep Greenwich Village safe?' [and] 'Why are you willing to make money off of the residents and tourists of Greenwich Village, but not willing to take basic steps to keep them safe?'" Quinn said.

Quinn said she wants the McDonald's to hire off-duty NYPD officers as security guards to help police potential incidents.

Carmen Paulino, who runs the McDonald's franchise, said she is "committed to doing the right thing."

"As part of the West Village community, we fully recognize and understand the need for neighborhood security to ensure the safety of residents and guests. To do our part, we've had contract security personnel on-site Wednesday through Saturday since last summer," she said.

Paulino went on to add that she has had "many conversations with the NYPD" and said she would continue the discussion as it was "an issue that affects the entire neighborhood."

Quinn, meanwhile, said the establishment "has become a real quality of life and violence problem in the neighborhood."

Paulino said she will ask fellow business owners in the community to join the discussion with the community board to ensure safety.

Have you ever visited this particular McDonald's?  What do you make of Quinn's call for a boycott? Share your thoughts in the comments section below...

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