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'Son Of Sam' Berkowitz Wants Out Of Prison And To Join The Ministry

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It was bid number 6, with the same outcome for the man known as the "Son of Sam." No parole will be granted for the man who terrorized New York City.

But, as CBS 2's Dave Carlin reported, every appearance before the parole board gives us a deeper look into the psyche of serial killer David Berkowitz.

It was May 2007 when a CBS 2 exclusive interview explored what led a reviled mad man to become this self proclaimed man of God.

There is now a new prison photo of a now-58-year-old Berkowitz, who said recently he knows to not expect or even push for release, but in the latest parole board interview he admitted he does think about life on the outside.

"Of course there would be a lot of restrictions, and so forth. But I would actually be very, very involved with ministry," Berkowitz said.

Berkowitz is also estranged from every member of his family.

He talked about his childhood, about life before the six random murders in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens in 1976 and 77.

"I grew up in a loving home, you know, with good parents, but I was a proverbial problem child and had a lot of trouble controlling my behavior," Berkowitz said.

His parents arranged for him to get some counseling. When asked about his "demonic influences" he said: "I would say it was a spiritual issue that affected me mentally and physically where gradually I just kind of fell apart and didn't see things correctly."

Prior to the murders, Berkowitz was reportedly involved in numerous arsons, cruelty to animals and shooting at an apartment superintendent.

Much later in prison he'd ask the Lord for forgiveness.

"I spoke to God and I told him how sorry I am," Berkowitz said.

Parole board members took note of his prison ministry and clean disciplinary record at Sullivan Correctional Facility, in upstate New York.

However, they concluded, despite his stated remorse, any release would be incompatible with the welfare of society and would undermine respect for the law.

The interview was considered merely procedural. Legal experts predict Berkowitz will never leave prison.

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