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Somers' Monologue: Steve Nash Goes Hollywood!

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Los Angeles had a little something extra to celebrate on the Fourth of July.

That's right, Kobe Bryant will be teamed up next season with none other than Steve Nash.

As for the Knicks, their fireworks turned out to be just a bunch of duds.

And how about Toronto agreeing with Landry Fields to keep New York from using him to get Nash. Now the Raptors are stuck with him -- and no Nash!

Moving on to Linsanity, it looks like Toronto struck out there too. The Rockets reportedly have an offer on the table to Jeremy Lin, and the Knicks are expected to match for big bucks.

Lindecision! Free-agency frenzy! The Knicks actually got worse by doing nothing -- can someone please wake up general manager Glen Grunwald?

LISTEN: Somers' Monologue: Steve Nash Goes Hollywood!

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