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'Smurf Week' To Paint New York City Blue

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Move over Fashion Week, Restaurant Week, Pride Week and Internet Week. There's a new "week" in town and it's going to be huge.

Papa Smurf
(credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Actually, it's going to be very, very small. And blue.

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Smurfs movie, New York City, Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation have declared next week Smurf Week.

Various landmarks and well-known city establishments are going to host Smurf-themed attractions beginning on Monday, July 25 until the release of the movie on Friday, July 29.

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In case having a week to celebrate them wasn't enough, The Smurfs were also honored by being named this year's official "Get More NYC Family Ambassadors," a prestigious title held most recently Dora the Explorer.

The Smurfs will be turning the Empire State Building blue on July 25, "to encourage fans to donate to U.S. fund for UNICEF," according to a press statement.

This isn't the first time UNICEF and The Smurfs have worked together; in 2005, UNICEF made a video ad that showed the Smurf Village being bombed as a way to raise awareness of children in war zones.


Other Smurfy events you can catch around town include a Smurf Village built near Columbus Circle, a Smurf-themed, on-location tour of Manhattan, a puppet performance and more exhibits.

Fans in Queens and Staten Island might not be feeling so Smurfy, however. Smurf Week in New York City has neglected to include any events in their boroughs.

We can only assume that Gargamel must be behind this outrage.

Are you excited for "Smurf Week?" Are New Yorkers Smurfy or not? Sound off in our comments section.

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