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Small Dog's Death Raises Concern About Coyotes In Westchester County

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Concerns about a coyote invasion in Westchester County have been heightened since the animals attacked and killed one woman's beloved dog.

As CBS 2's Tracee Carrasco reported Monday night, a tiny backyard memorial has been set up for the small dog that lost her life to three vicious members of her own taxonomic genus.

"She was a Chihuahua-terrier mix, about 7 pounds; full of heart," said Kristin Porteus.

But the tiny pup, Roxy, was no match for a pack of three coyotes last Friday morning.

Small Dog's Death Raises Concern About Coyotes In Westchester County

Like any other day, Porteus let her three dogs into the backyard of her Mount Kisco home in Westchester County. But on this particular day, there were three coyotes right there waiting.

"Right around here, I saw a lot of commotion and Roxy was barking, and I saw two coyotes come," Porteus said.

Two of Porteus' small dogs were able to escape as she chased the coyotes out of her backyard. But Roxy could not get away.

Now, Porteus and other Mount Kisco residents have become worried that the brazen animals are becoming more aggressive. They are afraid the animals may attack a child next.

"There's a lot of young children here, and there's a lot of young children in the condos behind me," Porteus said, "and it's just so scary that they would be so bold."

"I don't know if we're encroaching on them or they're encroaching on us," said Mount Kisco resident Frank Pierangelo.

In May, residents of nearby New Castle held a community meeting to address their growing coyote problem. Their coyote tracking website said since June 13, coyotes have been spotted six times. One resident even snapped a picture.

With such coyote sightings and even attacks becoming more and more common in Westchester County, officials said residents need to be even more cautious.

"You've got to be diligent, not letting your dogs out by themselves," said Jim Horton, owner of QualityPro Pest and Wildlife Services.

Horton said he is getting several calls weekly from people about coyotes in Westchester County, because he believes the animals are moving in from Canada.

And now, Porteus is urging other pet owners and parents to be more aware of the dangerous animals.

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