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Sela Ward Talks FBI On CBS

Actress Sela Ward has wanted two things in her career for a very long time: the opportunity to move back to New York and the chance to work with producer Dick Wolf.

Both these things became a reality when Ward landed the part of Dana Mosier on CBS's new criminal drama "FBI." The experience of this network show comes at a perfect time in Ward's career.

"I've been trying to get back to New York since 1983. I've been trying to work with Dick for years, but nothing ever synced," said Ward in a studio interview with CBS Local. "It's a great show and I think it has really stuck a nerve with a lot of different people. You're looking at these storylines and thinking that could be me."

Ward plays the part of Dana Mosier, a special agent who oversees Agent Maggie Bell's team. One of Ward's favorite things about this show is the presence of strong female characters.

"There are three really strong female characters," said Ward. "Maggie is out in the field and you get to see Dana Mosier my character in charge and strong and respected. Maggie is out there fighting with great strength and Ebonée has a very powerful voice within the circle. I love that there are strong female characters," said Ward.

These are the types of roles Ward has played throughout her career. The Golden Globe winner has had the privilege of working with legends like Harrison Ford and Tom Hanks. Ward says that Hanks provided her with some of the most important lessons of her career.

"I learned a lot from my friend Tom Hanks. Nothing In Common was maybe my second job," said Ward. "I wasn't very good in it. I was just starting and I learned so much from Tom about pacing and speed."

Catch Ward tonight in an all new episode of "FBI" on CBS at 9pm EST/PST.

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