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Seen At 11: Preparing For The Worst With Luxury Bunkers

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Preparing for the worst by setting yourself up with only the best.

As CBS 2's Maurice DuBois reported Thursday, luxurious kitchens, swimming pools, even gyms are being added to bunkers built just in case of an emergency.

Bomb shelters were a common site in backyards in the Cold War 1950s.

But as one bunker promotional video shows, today's backyard survival bunker looks more like a five-star resort, equipped with everything from an indoor pool and state of the art movie theater, to a dog run and even an interactive classroom -- all underground.

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"The overall scope of the project was to create a wow experience for the homeowner. So that they could live here and enjoy the facility and not just survive," said luxury bunker creator.

Survive whatever may come in comfort, whether it be a natural disaster or a future terror attack.

"It was part of the selling point. You want to make it as comfortable for the psychology," said Ralph Henrich, who bought a bunker.

Henrich, of New Jersey, paid to reserve space in an underground luxury bunker for himself, his wife, and their three kids.

The cost was $50,000 per adult and $35,000 for children under the age of 16.

That's nearly $200,000 for an average family of four.

"Leather sofas, high end kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, artwork, a gym," Henrich said of the accommodations.

Several companies now design and build these high end shelters. Some are private and made for individuals. But Henrich chose a community shelter created by Vivos.

The bunker is much like an apartment complex that can hold up to 80 people. It's fully stocked with a year's worth of food, toiletries, linens, medical supplies, ATVs, and much more.

The massive 10,000 square foot food shelter has all the comforts of home, but built 65 feet below the ground, with reinforced concrete and steel.

"Am I looking forward to going there? Absolutely not, but if I had to go somewhere, I would rather go to the Vivos location than a missile silo that's concrete and cold," Henrich said.

The community Henrich and his family will be going to is made up of doctors, dentists, ex-military, and other people with particular and necessary skills.

But there's only one catch, the bunker isn't in New Jersey.

"The location of this shelter is in Indiana," he said.

In case of a disaster, Henrich will have to get his family to the middle of the country where he believes it's safer.

"The facility always has two sources of water, two generators, two sources of food, the ability to grow food," Henrich said.

"People are starting to realize that they have to take responsibility for themselves, for their own family," said Shane Hobel, of the Mountain Scouts Survival School.

Hobel, a survival specialist, says the mindset is becoming more and more common, but you don't have to be a millionaire to have a plan to protect you and your family.

"The importance here is skills. First aid for example, knowing how to make fire the old way without matches," he said.

Henrich says he hopes he never has to use the bunker, but that it's money well spent. He calls it his insurance policy.

"If you look throughout history, the people that have foreseen events have adjusted accordingly and have survived and possibly thrived," he added.

Vivos is in the process of planning a community shelter in upstate New York.

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