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Seen At 11: New Diet Tells You 'When To Eat', Not 'What To Eat'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- For anybody who made a New Year's resolution to lose weight, a new diet secret could prove to be a big help in the fight against unwanted pounds.

"The working out is going well. I already spun this morning," Kevin Barnsley recently told CBS 2's Maurice Dubois.

Getting to the gym regularly is only part of the battle. A new diet trend says that time plays a major role in shedding unwanted weight.

"This could not be a more simple diet," said Peter Moore, the man behind the program.

Moore told CBS 2 that eating all day and staying up late at night has thrown our bodies out of whack. He claims that his diet is based on the body's natural clock.

"You eat for eight hours, fast for 16. That's all you need to know," he said.

Moore said that the diet takes some getting used to, but that it is effective. Despite that, some New Yorkers are skeptical.

"I think rushing food down, then fasting is not going to work. It may work for some, but not the majority of us," Chris Grieco said.

Here's how the diet works; the first meal is eaten at noon and for the next eight hours you can eat as much as you want. At 8 p.m. you begin a 16-hour fast. Then drink two glasses of water and exercise upon waking. If you get hungry before your first meal drink a low-calorie, hot beverage.

Moore told CBS 2 that the diet helped him lose 15 pounds.

"In the beginning I'll admit it was difficult, because I was used to eating all the time. But, as I got better at it, I just came to realize that I didn't need that much food all day long," he said.

Registered dietician Jo Ann Hattner cautioned that the diet, known as intermittent fasting, can have side effects. It can affect mood, particularly in women. Hattner recommends trying it when you aren't working, driving, or taking care of children.

Experts told CBS 2 that the diet works best when used with healthy food.

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