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Seen At 11: Name Your Price When Buying Furniture, Electronics With New Websites

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Everyone loves a bargain now, there are websites where they say a good deal is pretty much guaranteed because you—the consumer—names their price.

As CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports, savings are upwards of 30 or even 50 percent.

"There really is a secret out there and the secret is if you ask for a lower price, you can probably get it," Joe Marrapodi said, founder of Greentoe.

The art of the haggle is alive and well on the internet where a handful of new websites allow consumers to name their own price for everything they're buying, like Greentoe.

"Customers can expect to save anywhere from 15 to 22 percent depending on the category," Marrapodi said.

Scott Scher found the guitar he wanted on Greentoe, which retailed at about $300.

"I probably went in at $150," Scher said.

He eventually settled on $200 using Greentoe's "make an offer" guide, which calculates your chances of getting an offer accepted.

The fashion site Garmentory has a similar scale.

"More often than now, these customers know what things are worth," Courtney Bonnell with Favors Agency said.

Small boutiques and designers like Brooklyn-based Collina Strada are featured on the site. They say the offer guide keeps customers from putting in unrealistic, lowball offers.

"Of course you're going to get some requests you can't fulfill, maybe it's just too low," Bonnell said.

"I think people love the thrill of the hunt and this really gives it to you," Marketwatch consumer reporter Catey Hill said.

Hill, an online shopping expert, said customers may be tired of just clicking to buy and looking for a new way to become more empowered.

"I'm not going to pay what you asked, I'm going to pay less and some people really love that," Hill said.

"Something is only worth what you can get someone to pay for it anyway," Consigns Furniture owner Stacey Pashcow said.

Pashcow is hoping to sell a cabinet and lamp on Viyet, a furniture resale site. Like an upscale flea market, the site has hundreds of sellers and thousands of items at big discounts for online buyers to name their own price.

"Anyone coming to a resale site is looking for a deal on a brand name and I think that make an offer creates that opportunity for them, that feeling of negotiation and they got a great deal and it's a feeling everybody loves," Jennifer with Viyet said.

Buy just like any flea market or estate sale, the final selling price has to  be mutually agreed on between the buyer and the seller.

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