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Seen At 11: Hunt For Smoother Complexion Has Women 'Shaving Face'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The hottest trend in beauty is really as old as the hills, but it's something that's rarely talked about.

As CBS2's Kristine Johnson explained, the big secret for younger looking skin has women 'shaving face.'

"I think it's about time that women shave their faces," Lauren Cipolla said.

It's a call to women to shave their faces in the name of a smoother complexion.

"You can actually feel the difference when you go over your face or put makeup on," Cipolla said.

It's a proven beauty treatment, though admittedly not for everyone just yet.

"Shaving your legs is bad enough," one woman said.

"I would never do that," another added.

Experts said a good, close shave is all about keeping skin in the best possible shape.

"In essence we're just using a scalpel blade to gently remove the dead cell layer off the surface of the skin, preparing the skin for the absorption of an array of very powerful and effective cosmecuticals," Dr. Scott Wells explained.

The technique is known as derma-planing in Dr. Wells' office, but other women take a different approach.

New Jersey housewife Caroline Manzo proudly put her shaved face forward in an episode of Manzo'd With Children.

"I'm just doing something to maintain my complexion and my skin. I'm not a believer in injections and botox, I do nothing of that sort. So, I have to do something, how I do it, I shave it," Manzo said.

Manzo said she's been shaving for 15 years.

"Men shave and they have beautiful skin for the most part. They're exfoliating, I'm exfoliating every single day in the simplest of ways, what's there to be ashamed of," Manzo said.

"I don't know where the stigma really came from. The type of hair that is present on a woman's face is called vellum hair. It's tiny peach fuzz, it never comes back darker, it never gets thick or wiry," Dr. Wells said.

This may not be suited to everyone, and there are alternative procedures to consider. Experts suggest speaking with a dermatologist or aesthetician.

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