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Seen At 11: Experts Say Eat Right And You Will Avoid Libido Limbo

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- At some point in their lives many women may find themselves with a decreased sex drive, but experts say that a few simple lifestyle changes can help to bring it back.

One woman recently told CBS 2's Kristine Johnson that the feeling can be devastating.

"Like you come home one day and all your furniture is missing. Where did it go? How do I get it back?" the woman said.

She is not alone. Recent studies have shown that nearly half of all women will be affected by a long-lasting problem with sex at some point in their lives, and the exact cause is often difficult to pinpoint.

"The most common is being overworked or tired. Fatigue is a big libido killer, so are stress and depression," said Dr. Lisa Ganjhu of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital.

Ganjhu suggests changes to diet and lifestyle.

"When we eat foods that are high in fat or low in fiber, or highly processed food, that makes us in general, quite sluggish. We don't want to do a lot of activities and that can also promote depression," she said.

A high-fiber, low-fat diet can make you feel better, and boost sex drive by improving the body's ability to produce estrogen, Dr. Ganjhu said.

Another small change that can significantly increase libido is exercise.

"It makes us look better, so when we're looking better, we actually feel better and it enhances our sexual health," Dr. Ganjhu said.

While no prescription drugs are available to combat the problem, there are a number of natural, over-the-counter products available to ignite your libido.

Zestra has been clinically proven to work in 70 percent of women by increasing sensitivity in nerve endings.

Experts also advise against using too many chemical-rich products and drinking excessively, behavior that can also decrease sex drive.

What do you do to keep your libido high? Share your thoughts in our comments section below...

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