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Schwartz: A Look At 'The Faces Of Tim Tebow'

By Peter Schwartz
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Now that I have the NFL Network (thank you, Cablevision), I've been able to sink my teeth into all of the great programming they have to offer.

"A Football Life," another stroke of genius from NFL Films, is one of the many terrific shows from the NFL Network. And this season there will be plenty of must-see episodes.

For Jets fans, "The Faces Of Tim Tebow" is a wonderful program and it debuts Wednesday night at 8 p.m. The show takes an in-depth look at the Jets backup quarterback and compares him to five former NFL signal-callers.

Face No. 1: "Fame"

The show examines how Tebow has been able to deal with fame, and they use Jets Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath as a barometer. Namath has been very critical about the Jets' acquisition of Tebow, but in the show he professes his admiration for No. 15.

"I'm a fan of Tim Tebow," said Namath. "He is a winner."

Namath added that he thinks Tebow is better equipped than he was to handle the media attention that comes with playing in New York.

Face No. 2: "The Outsider"

In this segment, Tebow is compared to another unconventional quarterback -- Doug Flutie. The former Boston College star had some success with the Patriots before heading up north to play in the Canadian Football League, where he enjoyed a lot of success.

"When you don't fit the mold, it messes with their heads," said Flutie when talking about his experience of constantly trying to prove himself in the NFL.

Flutie explained that clubs look at quarterbacks like himself and Tebow as "not our guys".

Face No. 3: "Faith"

Tebow is compared to Roger Staubach in this part of the show. Staubach, like Tebow, is a very religious man. They are also attached in that they both won Heisman Trophies.

"I just like the guy," Staubach said about Tebow. "He seems real to me."

Face No. 4: "I'm A Football Player First"

Kordell Stewart is the subject of this segment. Stewart, once called "Slash" for his ability to play several different roles, had the same type of attitude that Tebow currently follows.

"I'll do whatever it takes to win," said Stewart.

However, the player compared to Tebow in the final segment had a different opinion.

Face No. 5: "The Quarterback Within"

Steve Young believes in Tim Tebow -- as a quarterback. Young doesn't think Tebow can make a career out of his Jets-type role because deep down inside, Tebow is a quarterback.

"Tim has some fundamental flaws in his delivery," said Young, who was once an eighth-string quarterback at BYU and is now a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. "He can do the job. He has the natural throwing talent but he's got some technical flaws that have to be fixed."

The show ends with each "face" of Tebow giving Tim some helpful advice. I thought the program was terrific and strongly urge all Jets fans to watch it.

Even in the aftermath of the "Sanchise" proving on Sunday that he is, without question, the Jets' starting quarterback.

Will you be tuning in? Which "face" of Tebow do you relate with most? Be heard in the comments below...

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