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Video: Scared Motorists Dodge Wrong-Way Road Rager On Suffolk Highway

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Helpless drivers held their breath during a shocking road rage incident on a Suffolk County road on Friday. An angry motorist drove the wrong way down the highway and the incident was captured on cellphone video.

The driver was apparently angry about being cut off and unleashed a spew of profanity at another driver as he allegedly drove eastbound down the westbound lanes of Rt. 454, Veteran's Memorial Highway, CBS 2's Jennifer McLogan reported.

WATCH: Raw video of altercation between motorist and wrong-way driver

"As he drove past me he literally blew me a kiss and waved for me to come and that's what started it," the target of the road rage, who withheld his name, said.

Cars swerved out of the way as the chase continued through Bohemia and Holbrook and past MacArthur Airport. Drivers were shocked as they watched the scene unfold.

"Unimaginable that someone would come to this point," said one witness.

Experts told CBS 2 that the best course of action in this type of situation is to contact authorities.

"If you've done something to upset someone behind the wheel, and they're coming after you, don't engage them, don't make eye contact," AAA spokesman Robert Sinclair said.

In most cases, police said, it takes two to tango.

"He goes to make a left turn, screams out the window these obscenities, and I kinda flipped him the bird," the road rage target admitted.

Police offered their own advice.

"Slow down, stay away from the incident, take a license plate of the vehicle that they felt was driving dangerously and call 911," said Lt. Kenneth Holvik of the Suffolk County Highway Patrol.

Cops said that the driver who recorded the incident also broke the law by driving while distracted. The Suffolk County Police Department is investigating the incident, The wrong-way driver faces reckless endangerment and reckless driving charges.

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