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Save Some Extra Bucks With Cyber Monday Deals

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Still feeling the shopping bug? Well Cyber Monday is your last chance to get more great deals.

As TV 10/55's Ilana Gold reported, Cyber Monday promises a last chance to get deep discounts before prices rise heading toward the holidays. And many shoppers have already bookmarked their favorite websites.

According to Adobe Digital Research, online prices hit rock bottom on Thanksgiving Day. Cyber Monday slipped to the fourth best day for deals this year, but you can still save big.

Experts say the key is organization. Make a list of what you want to buy and stick to a budget, Gold reported.

"When you do actually shop, stack your savings. And what I mean by that is use a rewards credit card, use online coupons, and that might save you $20 to $30 off an order," said Jon Lal, CEO and founder of

You can also cut shipping costs that easily add up.

"Find free shipping offers. You can find online coupon codes that might give you free shipping," Lal said.

Whether you're shopping on your phone or on a computer, it's important to be aware because Cyber Monday is also a prime opportunity for scammers.

"I try to be careful about that as much as I can. I only go to sites that I know are at least 99 percent secure," said shopper Ed Kamholz.

Crooks often set up fake websites that look real, Gold reported. To be sure it's a legitimate site, check for the lock symbol in the browser.

"When you go to a retailer's website, you want to be sure that you really are on the retailer that you think you're on," Lal said.

So that when you're shopping on Cyber Monday, you won't find yourself out of money and empty handed.

Experts also suggest to avoid shopping on a WiFi connection. If you do, make sure it's secure so hackers can't steal your information.

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