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Sareea Freeman On Athletes Unlimited Volleyball: 'This Is My Wildest Dream Coming To Fruition'

(CBS Local Sports)-- Sareea Freeman has played volleyball at the highest level in college at Florida State in the Final Four and around the world in some of the best pro volleyball leagues, but her experience with Athletes Unlimited Volleyball stands in a class of its own.

After a successful run with Athletes Unlimited Softball in the summer of 2020, the same concepts of players picking up individual points, switching teams each week and coaching themselves has been applied to indoor volleyball. The scoring system allows players to earn and lose points individually based on how they do and how their teams perform. The top four point leaders each week will be captains and select their teammates. Freeman has enjoyed everything about this pro volleyball experience.

"It's great and it's been a dream for all of us here that are a part of it," said Freeman, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "We get to play the sport that we love in America and our families get to watch us play. This is my wildest dream coming to fruition. Even after a pandemic, we are able to make this happen. It means the world to me."

Freeman has been incredibly impressed with the level of play and the intelligence of the game from all the women involved. While the former Florida State star is focused on building her career, she intent on using her platform to introduce the game of volleyball to the next generation.

"My cause is the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation. That was Kobe Bryant's foundation and the mission is to bridge the gap for girls and women in the sport. We want to help everyone had access to play. For me, that speaks to me and my past. I was lucky to be able to be sponsored to play club volleyball. Looking back on my past, I don't think I would have played volleyball because I wouldn't have had the money to get the exposure to play at a high level. It's all about access to resources. That foundation is trying to bridge that gap and that's why I chose them."

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