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Saltwater Poisoning Kills Dog At Florida Beach

Florida (CBS Local)-- Chris Taylor and his black Labrador recently spent a few hours at Honeymoon Island Dog Beach in Florida. Unfortunately for Taylor, that time at the beach ended up killing his dog.

Taylor's dog died of saltwater poisoning after he dehydrated and suffered a brain hemorrhage. Taylor's dog O.G. began having stomach issues and diarrhea, which forced the owner to take him to the vet. Unfortunately, it was too late.

"They told me, there's nothing we can do right now. I thought, this is my son. I don't have children of my own," said Taylor.

Saltwater can be extremely toxic for animals. According to veterinarians, ingesting large amounts of salt water can put a dog's life in danger. Veterinarian Dr. Katy Meyer from the Tampa Bay Emergency Veterinarians Services has seen this story play out too many times.

"Things can come on gradually and you're not aware of how serious things are up front," said Meyer.

Dr. Meyer recommends that dog owners keep trips to the beach with their pets to two hours.


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