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Saddle River, N.J. Proposes New Ordinance On Barking Dogs

SADDLE RIVER, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- A New Jersey town is looking to put an end to excessive dog barking.

CBS2's Meg Baker found out a lot more about the proposed ordinance on Wednesday.

Saddle River is getting tough on barking dogs. A new ordinance that will be voted on March 18 says if your dog is guilty of barking for 20-plus minutes day or night you could be found guilty.

Baker asked Borough Administrator Jerry Giaimis and Police Chief Jason Cosgriff for clarification.

"By and large prohibit excessive barking for more than a specific period, I believe is 20 minutes at one time," Giaimis said, describing what the ordinance would entail. "People would report that to us, that there is an incident, and the police department would go out and determine if there is a summons that needs to be issued."

MORENew Jersey Town Proposes Rule Giving Dog Owners Jail Time For Nonstop Barking

When asked if his department receives these types of complaints, Cosgriff said, "We do receive complaints from time to time about barking dogs. Sometimes it is nuisance barking or sometimes the dogs are just doing their job. They may be barking at another animal or a person."

Saddle River officials say the nonstop barking cuts into the "comfort or repose of anyone in the vicinity."

Dog owners who break the new rules could face fines ranging between $100 and $1,000, but owners could also receive a sentence of community service or even prison time.

The judge in each case would reportedly make the ultimate decision on the penalty.

Chief Cosgriff made it clear the town doesn't have a huge problem with barking dogs. It does love animals. The new proposal is just an update to an old ordinance, Baker reported.

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