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Stars Shine At Private Screening Of 'The Root Of Happiness' Film In SoHo

New York ( -- Is happiness attainable?

That is the question the characters ponder in the short film, The Root Of Happiness.

Writer, director Andy Truschinski held an exclusive, private screening of his film at the Morrison Hotel Gallery on Prince Street last week and received a raucous round of applause at the film's conclusion.

In addition to the stars of the film, William Jackson Harper (The Good Place) and Jennifer Ikeda (Blindspot), attendees included Tony award-winning actress Jessie Mueller (Beautiful, Waitress), Academy Award-nominee Amy Adams (Arrival, American Hustle), her husband actor Darren le Gallo (Matrix Reloaded), actress Tracee Chimo (People Of Earth), actor Eric Anderson (The Greatest Showman) and actor Alex Morf (Mindhunter).

Set in and shot on location in Queens, The Root of Happiness follows Will and Jen who are desperate to escape their own family issues. They serendipitously meet in a park where they discover a jazz trio. Coaxed by the band's blind drummer, world-renowned Brazilian jazz artist Vanderlei Pereira, the pair goes to his show later that evening and the night gives way to a path of discovery, laying roots to a deeper connection.

Andy Truschinski at TROH screening
Andy Truschinski at "The Root of Happiness" screening.

"I think the pursuit of happiness is a thing we've become obsessed with as humans, especially as Americans," Truschinski said. "One question you'll be left wondering is, 'Are they just escaping or are they finding something more rooted?'" Truschinski added. "That leads me to why the movie has its title. The Root of Happiness as a title is more of a question, an idea. Is there such a thing as an attainable, constant happiness? The story that unfolds is a direct response to this question."

The Root of Happiness strives to slow down the world, get people out of their phones and, as Pereira says in the film, "Give your life some damn meaning and happiness will come along the way."

To learn more about The Root Of Happiness, click here.

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