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Thieves In Blonde Wigs Pull Taser In Roosevelt Field Mall Robbery, Police Say

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- Nassau County police are searching for two men wanted in connection to a robbery at the Roosevelt Field Mall on Sunday.

According to police, two men in blonde wigs approached two Nordstrom employees carrying register bags on Feb. 19 at around 7:50 p.m.

The wigged men ordered the clerks to drop the bags. When they hesitated, one suspect pulled out a taser.

It was not immediately known how much money was in the bags.

No injuries were reported.

Detectives say the clerks did the right thing by handing over the cash bags.

"Most people are honest and then when you get that experience  it makes you extra cautious," merchant Rick Penchuk said.

Roosevelt Field stepped up its patrols Monday as shoppers crowded the busy mall to cash in on President's Day sales.

"Usually you think that people are in black ski masks but blonde wigs? I've never heard of that," shopper Mateo Arora said.

"Why was it necessary to change gender?" shopper Eileen Assraf said

Stun guns are illegal in New York State. Police say anyone found with an electronic incapacitation device is guilty of criminal possession of a weapon.

The store is reported to have some worthwhile surveillance video of the thieves -- both with and without the blonde wigs -- that has yet to be made public.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Nassau County Crime Stoppers at (800) 244-TIPS. Calls can remain anonymous.

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