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Rodent-Fighting Efforts Raising A Stink Among Students At Deer Park High School

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Does the stench in a suburban school pose a health hazard? Suffolk County's health commissioner says no, but students say the odors from vermin and exterminators are making it tough to study.

Some students at Deer Park High School became unnerved by an announcement of rodents in their building, reports CBS2's Jennifer McLogan.

"I was in Spanish class, a robo-call went out and my teacher put it on speaker so the class could hear it," said senior Evan Hytner. "There were traps around, they didn't say what they were."

Black boxes containing rodent traps appeared around the school. Some students complained of fumes from extermination materials, and certain doors and windows were opened to vent classrooms.

The school district notified parents with a message from Deer Park High School principal Charlie Cobb.

"We recently encountered rodents in various areas of Deer Park High School," said Cobb. "We brought in NYSED approved exterminators. They completed procedures while school was closed for Spring recess... Currently we are dealing with an unpleasant odor."

The Suffolk County Department of Health was called in by the school, and after their inspectors Thursday afternoon, they said proper protocols are being followed. There were no extermination or rodent issues in the cafeteria or around food.

No extermination or rodent issues in the cafeteria or around food.

The landlord of properties adjacent to the school confirmed rats were an area problem, but he noted they seemed to have been effective.

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