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Rockland Legislator Ed Day Continues Push To Lower Gas Prices

NEW CITY, NY (WCBS 880) - Rockland County residents know the road to cheap gas leads down south to New Jersey.

WCBS 880's Sean Adams On The Story


"If I'm filling up, I'll usually make the trip to Jersey. It's a $5, $6, $7 savings," one Rockland County resident said.

For service stations in Rockland, it's a real struggle. They can't compete.

So, Rockland County legislator Ed Day wants to attract some of that business back by capping the gas tax at $2 dollars per gallon -- an idea he has been pushing for months.

At present, the amount over $2 per gallon is hit with another four percent.

How much could people save?

"A $20 fill-up will save about a $1.60 a fill up, about 8 cents a gallon right now," said Day. "It's a start. It's a start in my mind and trying to put some real money back in people's pockets."

County Executive Scott Vanderhoef fears this will cost Rockland $3 million in revenue and lead to layoffs and program cuts at a time when the county can least afford it.

The projected budget deficit could hit $80 million. Legislator Day that $3 million number is not accurate.

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