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Seen At 11: A Cosmetic Cure For 'Resting Bitch Face'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - There is a name for the expression that makes people look angry, unhappy or tired when they're really just fine – and now, there is even a cosmetic procedure to correct it.

What has come to be known as the "resting bitch face" is a natural phenomenon that's been brought to the spotlight on the social media scene. It's sometimes even glamorized by figures like Grumpy Cat and other celebrities who embrace their naturally angry-looking mug.

But as CBS2's Kristine Johnson reported, it isn't just about looks. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg, having that bored/tired/mad/sad expression can also impact your mood, and how people interact with you.

"Resting bitch face is an un-engaged expression," Greenberg said. "And I would have to say that most people are not aware that this how their face settles when they're relaxed."
And experts said it really can affect how you feel.

"If you have a tired angry looking face, it is going to affect your mood," she said.

It can also affect how people react to you.

"This is called 'face-ism' or 'facial stereotyping,' so people should be aware of how they come across," she said.

But while celebrities have made a career out of their RBF, for others, the face has become a true burden.

"I'm happy and I want to look happy," one woman said. "I don't want look like I have the weight of the world on my shoulder."

The woman said even her family sees her for what she isn't

"My kids will come up or my husband will be like, 'Why are you – What's wrong with you? "I look mean."

The woman said she even tries to hide it.

"I'll shift direction or I'll turn my face another way so maybe you can't see it as much," she said.

But ultimately she decided to have it corrected -- and there is a cosmetic procedure for it.

According to Dr. Joseph Eviatar of Chelsea Cosmetic, more and more people are seeking medical treatment to help correct their natural resting bitch face.

There is even a cosmetic procedure to correct it.

"By putting little bits of filler, we actually lift the face and just smooth it out a little bit; same with the brow area," Eviatar said.

Eviatar said as more people recognize their appearance, the procedure is becoming in-demand.

"We're getting a lot of people now who are kind of saying, 'You got to get rid of this; it looks terrible," Eviatar said. "It really changes the whole way people view you, so in that way, it's very powerful."

So CBS2 checked back a few weeks later. It was first time the woman who underwent the procedure saw her before-and-after pictures side-by-side.

"That's awesome -- look at that," she said. "You feel better about yourself. You're nicer to other people. People don't assume you're yelling at them. People don't assume you're mean," she said. "It's subtle, but it makes a huge difference."

Another way to fix the "RBF" is to try a little half-smile, and open your eyes a little wider.

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