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Resignation Leads To Questions About Future Of Anthony Weiner's Congressional District

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Now that Anthony Weiner has resigned from Congress, experts recommend he stay out of the spotlight for a time.

Questions remained however concerning Weiner's district. New York was slated to lose two House seats in 2013.

Lawmakers in Albany, with the task of redrawing the boundaries of congressional districts, were hunting for a district to chop. Weiner's old territory in Queens and Brooklyn could be a prime target.

If it isn't cut, a special election will be held. Already the race to fill the empty seat is heating up.

Councilman Mark Weprin, Fomer councilman Eric Gioia, and former councilwoman Melinda Katz - who lost to Weiner in 1998 - have all emerged as potential candidates who may run in a special election later this year. Republican Bob Turner, who drew forty percent of the vote in November against Weiner, is another contender, should the election go forward.

House administration officials say Weiner's district offices will remain open, and his staff will remain on the payroll to serve the public under the supervision of the Clerk of the House in Washington.

Weiner gave a bit of a preview of what he hoped to do next during his resignation speech Thursday.

"I will be looking for other ways to contribute my talents, to make sure that we live up to that most New York and American of ideals," the seven-term congressman said.

"I think there are opportunities out there but it's way too early," said Richard Auletta, public relations expert.

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In terms of his personal life, it could be a rough road ahead. Weiner had said he's going into some sort of rehab program in order to become a better man and a better husband for his newly pregnant wife Huma Abedin.

Abedin reportedly convinced Weiner to step down. Weiner again apologized publicly to her, adding she "stood with me in this entire difficult period and to whom I owe so very much."

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Election records show Weiner has more than $365,000 in his war chest for a congressional re-election campaign and another $4.5 million reserved for a prospective campaign to become New York City mayor.

That money comes with limitations.

"Well, he can't take it with him and go to Disneyland. It's not, he's not able to convert it to personal use," said Ken Gross, campaign finance expert.

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A possible loss for voters, Weiner's resignation was also being felt in the Democratic Party.

"I think he was a real character in the House of Representative, and whether people liked him or not, a real character. As I said, he had a lot to offer. He was very bright, knew the rules of the House," said Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ).

Should Weiner's district but cut as part of redistricting? Sound off in our comments section.

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