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Rescue Dog Saves Owner's Life After He Suffers Stroke

OAKLAND, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- When most people adopt a dog they're looking for companionship. But one owner got so much more.

"When I talk about this story, I get emotional," Brian Myers told CBS2's Steve Overmyer on Wednesday.

Myers is currently in rehab after suffering a stroke.

"I've had mild paralysis on the left side of my body and I'm having difficulty speaking. But Im making great progress here. Last week, I wasn't able to use my fingers and now I can open my full hand," Myers said.

The fact he's still alive can be traced to the day he met Sadie at Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.

"We had developed a strong bond," Myers said.

A Very Special RBARI Story! RBARI Alumni Sadie saved owner's life, as she drags him to help after suffering a...

Posted by Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Myers was looking for a companion, but he found a life saver.

"I was sleeping and I had to use the bathroom in the night. As soon as I stepped on the floor I went down and hit the ground. I couldn't get back up," Myers said.

He had suffered a stroke while he was sleeping. Sadie came over to comfort him.

"I just grabbed on hold of her collar and she started pulling her weight backwards. And with that I was able to slide myself across the floor. Otherwise, I would probably still be laying there."

A few weeks earlier he had saved her from animal rescue, and then she returned the favor.

"Yes. The question came up 'Who saved who?'" Myers said.

Sadie, a German Shepherd, a breed known to be loyal and intelligent. Her heroic act allowed Myers to call 911.

"I love her more than I can express. She was there for me in my time of crisis and she knew instinctively what to do somehow," he said. "I wouldn't have gotten up off the floor if she wasn't there for me."

For the past two weeks Myers has been in the hospital, while Sadie has been staying his Brian's brother. They FaceTime every day.

"I've had to tell them she's MY dog! So I want her back," Myers said. "Rescuing a dog is the greatest thing you could do. They show their appreciation for you and they're very grateful to you for having rescued them."

Myers said he hopes to be released next week, setting up an emotional reunion.

"I can't wait to give her a big hug," he said.

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