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Republicans Do Battle In Florida With Primary Two Days Away

ORLANDO, FLA (CBSNewYork) -- The race for the Republican Presidential candidacy continues in Florida; with the state's primary two days away Rick Santorum has had to cancel campaign events to be with his ill daughter in Pennsylvania.

CBS2's Susan McGinnis was in Orlando where Newt Gingrich picked up a key endorsement from former candidate Herman Cain.

"We are going to elect speaker Gingrich as the next President of the United States," said Cain.

Cain is a tea party favorite and Saturday night's surprise endorsement comes just in time for Gingrich.

The former speaker's poll numbers in Florida are sinking and the latest Quinnipiac poll shows he is nine points behind Mitt Romney. Both men continue to attack each other on the campaign trail.

"He was fined for ethics violations. He ultimately had to resign in disgrace," said Romney.

But Gingrich had his own words for his opponent.

"You cannot debate someone who is dishonest, you just can't," he said. "People say I'm a good debater but I can't debate somebody who won't tell the truth.

Gingrich says that he will stay in the race all the way to this summer's convention even if he loses Tuesday's primary.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are promising to stay in as well. Santorum canceled his Sunday morning campaign events to (AP  be with his daughter Isabella who was taken to the hospital Saturday.The 3-year-old has a rare genetic condition and needs frequent medical care.

Ron Paul has already conceded Florida and is spending his time campaigning in future caucus states like Maine.

"I'd rather live in a free country than one where the government is telling us how to live," said Paul.

Romney continues to dominate the race when it comes to money. He's outspending Gingrich nearly four to one in Florida. Gingrich hopes Cain's endorsement will help him stage a last-minute come from behind victory here, like the one that he had in South Carolina.

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