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Republican Rancor: King Rips Rubio For Wall St. Fundraising Despite Sandy Aid No Vote

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Long Island congressman Peter King is none too pleased with a fellow Republican from Florida.

Senator Marco Rubio drew the indignant ire of Rep. King after word came the 2016 GOP presidential hopeful was raising money on Wall Street just months after voting no on a $50.5 billion Superstorm Sandy relief bill in Congress.

"It's absolutely disgraceful that any senator or congressman who's running for president and voted to deny funds for New York and Long Island and New Jersey after Sandy should have the nerve to come into New York to try to raise money," King told 1010 WINS' Mike Larkin.

The congressman ripped into the no vote, saying despite New York and New Jersey facing "one of the worst disasters in our nation's history," Rubio "voted against giving us a penny."

"Marco Rubio's state in Florida, they've gotten billions and billions and billions of dollars over the years for all of their hurricanes and yet he had the nerve to vote against us," King exclaimed.

Describing any fundraising that Rubio was doing in the Tri-State as "absolutely hypocrisy," King railed that New Yorkers would be "suckers" if they gave money to the Florida senator.

"This would be like a congressman like myself voting against Katrina aid and then going down to New Orleans and having a fundraiser for myself. It's beyond me how anyone could have put a knife in the back of New York, a knife in the back of New Jersey and then come up here and try to raise money from New Yorkers. This is disgraceful," King said.

In fact, King is adamantly against the idea of anyone from New York, New Jersey and Long Island giving money to any candidate who voted against the Sandy aid bill.

"We had to wait over a 100 days and those people like Marco Rubio fought it to the very end. So I'm saying, no one, no senator, no congressman running for president who voted against New York and tried to deny us the funds we were entitled to in our moment of disaster should get one penny out of any New Yorker," King said.

Congress finally passed the multimillion dollar aid package, which was held hostage by partisan bickering and arguments over how much "pork" was in the bill, months after the storm hit.

King believes that part of the reason is an anti-Northeast sentiment in "too many parts of the Republican party."

"There's no doubt that too many people in the national Republican Party are anti-New York, anti-New Jersey, anti-Northeast. This is a big campaign opportunity for them to criticize New York, to go home and say 'We stood up to New York, we didn't give a nickel to New York,' King said. "Fine. you didn't give a nickel to us, we're going to give a nickel to you."

And his message for anyone else who might be trying to score some campaign cash in the area, but previously opposed storm aid?

"You're anti-Northeast, we're anti-you! We're not gonna give you a penny. Go home!"

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