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Queens Man Arrested In Connection With Fire That Injured 3 In Midtown East Restaurant

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A fire broke out Friday night at a sushi restaurant in Midtown East, leaving three people injured from burns. The blaze allegedly began as a result of spilled gasoline.

Relief crews in town for Superstorm Sandy were credited in published reports with saving one of the victims, a busboy who was in flames.

The fire broke out around 10 p.m. Friday at the Eno Asian Bistro & Lounge, at 1068 First Ave. near 58th Street, according to accounts in the New York Post and Daily News.

Fei Teng, 42, was arrested by FDNY Fire Marshalls on Saturday.

Teng purchased ten gallons of gasoline which he stored in a pair of five-gallon soy sauce containers, according to authorities.

On Thursday Teng, allegedly, directed another employee to bring one of the soy-sauce containers to his Cherry Ave residence, where Teng's parents used the gas to fill his vehicle.

On Friday Teng, allegedly, ordered the same employee to bring the gasoline from the basement of the restaurant up to his waiting vehicle

Some of the gasoline spilled while it was being carried through the kitchen, and burst into flames, according to authorities.

A waitress told both newspapers that she was pouring a round of drinks and saw the busboy catch fire. A chef and a server were also injured, the newspapers reported.

The waitress told the Post 10 Upstate New York tree trimmers who had been dispatched for storm relief tackled the busboy to extinguish the flames.

The three restaurant staffers were taken to Cornell Burn Center, after suffering first- and second-degree burns, the Post reported.

Teng has been charged with Reckless Endangerment.

No information was provided about their conditions as of Saturday.

The FDNY has advised all residents to handle gasoline in a safe and legal manner.

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