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Report: TSA Agents At Newark Not Following Proper Procedure In Some Areas

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) - A report on security measures at Newark Liberty International Airport found that Transportation Security Administration screeners only properly followed some procedures about a quarter of the time.

The Star Ledger quoting an undercover internal TSA report found that pat-downs are done properly less than 17 percent of the time, and agents identify and take appropriate action on banned items 25 percent of the time.

1010 WINS' Sally Ann Mosey reports


One woman flying out of Newark said she hopes the TSA can fix the problems.

"You got all these cameras, watch. Focus on them. Identify what the shift was, the crew was, and do just like what you would do with anybody else. Do an evaluation," the woman told 1010 WINS' Sally Ann Mosey.

The TSA report, from June, also said screeners never told air passengers they had a right to opt out of the full body scan in favor of a pat-down.

Another traveler said the report will not discourage her from flying.

"Makes me a little reluctant but it doesn't stop me," she told Mosey.

The Star Ledger pointed out the TSA acted correctly 100 percent of the time in some safety categories, including taking banned items found in physical searches.

The report was compiled from information provided by undercover TSA agents sent from other airports to Newark to check security procedures, the Star Ledger reported.

The TSA said the report is used as a guide the educate employees and highlight areas that need improvement.

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