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Report: NYC Roads Are 7th Worst In The Nation

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- More than half of the roads in New York City and Newark are in poor condition, according to a new federal report, and it's all taking a toll on cars and wallets.

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According to the survey by TRIP, a national transportation research group, 53 percent of the roads in the area are in bad shape.

Local drivers aren't surprised.

"The local roads in the Bronx are very bad," one truck driver said. "Deegan; Cross Bronx is the worst, period."

"Over here, by the Bruckner, you got potholes going towards the northbound side, there's lumps, dips, stuff that will break your tires, your rims, your suspension," one driver said.

"Long Island roads are good," another driver said. "But the Queens roads are in pretty bad shape."

"Madison Avenue, that's the worst street in Manhattan," Anthony, a limo driver, said.

The rotten roads are costing drivers about $650 a year in additional vehicle repairs and it's only going to get worse as budget cuts delay road maintenance.

"With state and local governments facing looming budget deficits and without a long-term federal surface transportation program in place, road conditions are projected to get even worse in the future," said Will Wilkins, TRIP's executive director.

TRIP finds that poor roads accelerate vehicle deterioration and depreciation, increasing the frequency of needed maintenance and raising fuel consumption and tire wear.

"Drivers in New York are effectively paying higher taxes because of poor road conditions," said Denise Richardson, managing director of the General Contractors Association of New York. "Unfortunately, we are paying for repairs to our vehicles rather than improvements to our roads and bridges."

Some drivers that 1010 WINS' Terry Sheridan spoke with were surprised by one thing - that New York didn't come in first.

The Big Apple came in behind San Jose, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Concord, Ca., San Francisco and New Orleans.

Poor Roads
List Of Cities With Poor Road Conditions (Credit: TRIP)
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