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Report: FBI Counter-Terror Agents Investigated Occupy Wall Street

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - When the Occupy Wall Street movement was setting up shop in Zuccotti Park last year, the FBI was already using counter-terrorism agents to investigate it, according to a report.

Newly disclosed FBI records show the agents were looking into OWS's communications and planning, the New York Times reported. Agents tipped off possible protest targets and local law enforcement, according to the report.

The FBI was concerned that the movement would provide an outlet for someone with a general grudge against the government, which is why they used counter-terrorism agents, according to the report.

The head of the Partnership for Civil Justice fund says the FBI documents show that the Bureau acted improperly by gathering information on Americans involved in lawful activities.

The FBI said it recognizes the rights of individuals to engage in constitutionally protected activity, but it is obligated to investigate any serious allegations involving threats of violence.

Do you think it was right for the FBI to be investigating Occupy Wall Street? Sound off in our comments section below.

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