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Reggie Jackson On WFAN: Radio Silence Regarding A-Rod

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Reggie Jackson isn't afraid of a little controversy.

So perhaps it was telling Wednesday when the man who voices his opinion on everything said absolutely nothing about embattled Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

WFAN radio co-host Craig Carton peppered Jackson with question after question about A-Rod, who the Hall of Famer referred to just last year as "a very good friend." As Carton pressed, Jackson remained silent on everything related to Rodriguez: his 211-game suspension, allegations of performance-enhancing drug use, litigation against Major League Baseball, etc.

Reggie Silent On A-Rod

Co-host Boomer Esiason urged Jackson not to let Carton put words in his mouth. But Reggie wouldn't relent.

"I'm so proud of myself that I didn't say a word," Jackson said after nearly three minutes of queries into whether he's bothered by or angry with Rodriguez.

Full Reggie Jackson Interview

(You can download the entire spot HERE.)

The 67-year-old found himself in hot water with the Yankees last July when he told Sports Illustrated that A-Rod's numbers were tainted due to a previous admission of PED use. A source told the New York Daily News at the time that Rodriguez wasn't sure he'd ever speak to Jackson again.

Are we making a fuss over literally nothing?


But the Bombers great -- whose new book, "Becoming Mr. October," is on shelves now -- was willing to speak on just about everything and anything else:

On ESPN's "The Bronx is Burning" series: "I was embarrassed by it. ... I thought I was portrayed as an egotistical maniac. Certainly I could say if you want to portray me as a guy with a huge ego, I'm good with that. But in reference to talking back to management, disagreeing with doing exercises, disagreeing with doing calisthenics, saying 'I don't want to take laps around the field, I want to hit first,' those kind of portrayals to me were unfair. Never happened. Couldn't happen."

On being a Yankees legend: "I'm absolutely thrilled by it. I'm grateful, I'm thankful. I have a tremendous relationship with the Yankees and the fans and New York and the Steinbrenner family. And being part of the Yankee lore and its history is something that I'm very proud of and just grateful, grateful for. I really am."

On former manager Billy Martin: "I would almost want to say I never really had a relationship with him. I don't really remember shaking his hand when I was in the clubhouse."

On Thurman Munson: "Thurman and I eventually made up. We got together in Detroit. We were brought together by Fran Healy. ... We mended those fences. I made several trips with Thurman on his private aircraft, et cetera, et cetera."

On if he played in today's social media era: "The only thing I'll say is I would have been (in) a world of trouble. If they'd have followed me around, buddy, oh boy."

Reggie's final words: "I'm so proud. I can't believe I shut up (about A-Rod)."

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