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Red Hook Citi Bike Station To Be Moved After Getting In The Way Of Bus, Trucks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Some trucks traveling through Red Hook, Brooklyn have run into a problem.

Neighbors say with no place to turn, they're crashing into a Citi Bike dock.

Hopping on the bikes is an easy thing for cyclists, but navigating around them has proven to be difficult for some truck drivers in the neighborhood.

"Trucks try and get around the corner and there is just no enough space and they end up crushing what's here," Rob Hansen said.

"It's annoying. I find it very much annoying," Emelia Kruger added.

In particular, neighbors say there have been major problems at the corner of Van Brunt and Van Dyke Streets.

"These streets were not designed for vehicles this big," Ron Kyle, owner of Dry Dock Wine & Liquors said.

Kyle owns the wine shop right across the street from the Citi Bike dock. He's the one who snapped the pictures of the mess in late January.

"We are seeing a lot more development of warehouses coming in here. This is a light industrial area, so with those warehouses means a lot more trucks and the trucks are damaging our infrastructure," he said.

The station used to be a few blocks away, right in front of Hometown BBQ, but was moved near Kyle's business as part of a flood protection measure.

"It's been here maybe 2.5, 3 months, we have had two trucks and a bus hit the bike stand," he said.

Citi Bike technicians were out on Wednesday, assessing the damage and also trying to fix the dock.

After CBS2 started asking questions, the Department of Transportation announced it now plans to 'relocate the station nearby.'

Neighbors think the problem could continue until something is done about the overcrowded streets.

"I mean big picture, I think they should move their warehouses somewhere else," Kate Stamas said.

Until then, they just want the drivers to pay better attention.

The city didn't say when they would move the dock, but plan on placing it on Van Brunt Street between Van Dyke and Coffey.

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