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Rascal Flatts Joining Brad Paisley In Buying Cows For Kenya's Masai Tribe

Brad Paisley isn't the only country star who's dealing in cows these days. Now the boys in Rascal Flatts are stepping up and getting into the action as well.

As previously reported, Brad is purchasing a cow for the Masai Tribe in Kenya, and to do so, he's sent WYCD Detroit's Steve Grunwald to Africa to personally purchase and deliver the cow to the tribe, who are situated several hours' drive outside of Nairobi.

The cow's name? "Paisley," of course.

When the members of Rascal Flatts heard about Grunwald's trip, they immediately wanted to participate. So now they are having Grunwald purchase three additional cows to be delivered along with "Paisley." (Those cows' names? "Joe Don," "Gary," and "Jay.")

Grunwald left for Africa this past Tuesday evening. He arrived in Nairobi yesterday, and then journeyed to the Masai's home this morning, in Amboseli National Park, near the border with Tanzania. He's been blogging about his journey the entire way, and posting lots of photos.

"The traffic on the roads [was] horrible," Grunwald writes of his journey from Nairobi to meet with the Masai. "Mostly trucks with random police check points. Oh and the police carry AK-47s." He also says that "the people are so nice" but that "the poverty is really sad. It breaks my heart seeing the kids so malnourished."

Grunwald, though, reports he was able to purchase four cows for the Masai, and that they are "pretty cute."

He also posted a bit of video, showing the Masai greeting their friend "Brad Paisley." "The Masai love Brad Paisley, I don't know what it is," says Grunwald.

More on the story as it develops!

- Kurt Wolff, CBS Local

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