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Good Samaritans Rush To Rescue Man Who Fell Onto R-Train Tracks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A dramatic rescue in the subway in Lower Manhattan was caught on camera Friday.

The video, first shared by Gothamist, shows good Samaritans rescuing a man who fell on the tracks.

As CBS2's Sonia Rincon reported, straphangers reacted quickly on the City Hall R-Train platform, when a fellow commuter waiting for a train fell onto the tracks.

Three men jumped down to pull the unconscious man to safety, and journalism student Sumeja Tulic began rolling.

"In the midst of the shock, I was like I need to film this, because people need to see what kind of brave people live in this city," Tulic said.

Watch These NYC Subway Heroes Join Forces To Rescue A Man From The Tracks by Gothamist on YouTube

She said the video, which she shared with Gothamist, shows the side of the city she's come to love in her short time here. She said it's full of unwitting, unsung heroes who wouldn't hesitate to help a stranger.

"They put their own lives on the line," she said.

A train did pull into the station just a few minutes later. By then, the man was already on the platform getting help.

Rescuers held the man's hand as he regained consciousness.

CBS2's Rincon asked riders if they would do the same.

"If the train wasn't coming, yeah, definitely," Mark Brilliant said.

"Careful, but I should do it," Luis Mentila said, "When you think something too much, that's a problem."

There's no question going onto the tracks is extremely dangerous, and is something the Metropolitan Transportation Authority advises against.

"I know I learned my lesson today, never stand near the yellow line," Tulic said.

What happened to the man next is a mystery. The MTA, FDNY, and NYPD all said it's unclear.

Tulic said she hopes he's all right.

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