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Queens Residents Say Out-Of-Control Drivers, Dangerous Curves Make A Potentially Lethal Combination

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Residents who live on 185th Street near 143rd Avenue in Springfield Gardens, Queens describe their neighborhood as a racetrack.

They told CBS 2's Hazel Sanchez on Wednesday that cars whip around a dangerous, two-way curve, with no idea about what may come from the other direction.

"It is a constant racetrack. Cars come through here like they're on a speedway," Lydia Parris said.

And some residents told Sanchez that it isn't safe to park on 185th Street.

"My car has been t-boned, broadsided. [I] parked right over there where that blue car is. I had a tenant, a neighbor , their car was struck there also," Andre Campbell said.

Parris said a young girl's dog recently paid the ultimate price, when it was hit by a speeding car right outside her home.

"She was hysterical, hysterical. My heart was breaking for her, but it could have been a human being," she said.

There is a school and two day care centers located on 185th Street, and locals said they are surprised that a human has not been seriously hurt yet.

Donovan Richards, a spokesperson from City Councilman Sanders' office, is now demanding that the Department of Transportation install speed bumps, traffic lights or signs.

"We're basically saying to the DOT we cannot wait for a fatality here before something is done, especially with a day care on the block. Children and seniors are near and dear to us and we want to insure that they are safe," he said.

Residents hope that the city responds before it is too late.

Have you experienced this traffic problem first hand? Let us know in our comments section below...

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