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Queens Residents Complain Horse Manure From Riding School Leaving A Stinky Mess

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- In the midst of oppressive heat, a Queens neighborhood with a quaint view of horses has become overwhelmed by the smell of them.

Lynne's Riding School in Forest Hills is a little stable tucked into a corner of the big city. They have been offering lessons for 65 years, but, lately, the old stable has been the subject of complaints from newer neighbors.

"People drive through it and people walk through it and the smell was horrible," one resident told CBS 2's Carolyn Gusoff.

There have been complaints that no one cleans up after the horses that march in the streets to Forest Park.

While there were no horses on the trails Thursday because of the 90-plus-degree temperatures, folks in the area said even on cooler days there is a stench and a mess in the streets.

"It's just bad just walking. You gotta cross the street and you gotta avoid lumps of horse manure and when a horse poo poo, it's not like a dog," Forest Hills resident Al Timm said.

Another neighbor took pictures of the problem and appealed to police and the departments of health and sanitation.

"If you have to clean up after your dogs, you should really have to clean up after the horses as well. It's larger manure," Joan Weston said.

But there is no law to curb your horse. Riding School owner Lynn Holzhauser said the 20-horse stable has been in the family for generations.

"We clean up around here and we do our best," she said.

Holzhauser said neighbors used to collect the manure for use in their gardens, but times have changed.

"The manure really disintegrates," she said.

Holzhauser said she'll try to be a better neighbor and clean up more often. Supporters said they are happy to have the horses around.

"It's something that is disappearing and I think it's a minor thing to put up with," another local resident said.

City Council member Karen Koslowitz's office said she will introduce legislation to require horse owners to clean up after their animals.

What do you think needs to be done about the manure problem in Forest Hills?  Share your thoughts below...

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