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Queens Neighbors Furious At Vandal Calling Out 'Bad' Parking Jobs

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- You know how hard it is to find a spot if you park in the city, but now, a vandal in Queens has begun lashing out at drivers for their parking skills.

As CBS 2's Tracee Carrasco reported Wednesday night, residents of Glendale, Queens said the vandalism is taking the matter much too far.

A note on a windshield is one thing, but neighbors said a spray-painted message reading, "Learn how to park S-bag," is another.

Queens Neighbors Furious At Vandal Calling Out 'Bad' Parking Jobs

The owner of the silver car did not want to be identified. She parked at 68th Street and Myrtle Avenue Tuesday night and woke up to the angry message.

"I know how hard it is to find spots in this neighborhood. So I would try to leave space if there was space," the woman said. "So it's like, very upsetting."

Another note in black spray paint on another car read, "Hey scumbag park right." Police said the second car was tagged overnight just two blocks away from the other.

Neighbor Doreen Pratt said the car was parked perfectly fine.

"There was no way another car would have fit there," Pratt said. "A smart car was even too big for it."

A surveillance camera at a nearby school captured an image that may have been the parking vigilante, walking by with spray paint.

Residents in Glendale said parking is a real issue, but to punish drivers by vandalizing their vehicles is excessive.

"Nobody has a right to touch your property," Pratt said.

Residents said they want the vandal caught.

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