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Cars In Queens Neighborhood Getting Egged Past 2 Weeks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Queens car owners are waking up to a sticky, slimy mess as their vehicles were the targets of eggings.

CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reported residents in Whitestone are getting heated over the destructive spree that has been going on for the past two weeks.

"The egg was just all over the car," Ashley Schwenk, 20, said when she was about to drive her new car to school. "Nice damage, it just splattered everywhere."

The incident left an egg imprint on her car's bumper.

"It cracked and it was just all down in here, stuck in here," Schwenk said. "Splashed all over the back."

Resident George Ruffus said the vandalism is the talk of the neighborhood.

"Your car gets egged the night before. The next day you come out you have fried eggs on your car," Ruffus said. "Can't get them off and it ruins the paint."

Dozens of residents are pulling into their neighborhood car wash as they try to get the egg mess off their windshields, fenders and hoods.

"Sometimes we have to run two or three times through the car wash," car wash manager Darwin Calle said.

Many of the cars were egged at the intersection near Grace Episcopal.

"When the egg hits the car, it makes a clear imprint, and when that happens, after a certain amount of time it will start peeling off," service station owner Louie Romano said. "If you don't clean the egg right away, the egg itself, because of the acid, will eat through the paint."

Police said most of the complaints have come from owners of parked cars, but video posted on YouTube can show how dangerous it can be for the driver to be hit by a hurled egg.

"I think they might be younger kids and have a car and are getting a thrill out of doing that and take off," Schwenk said.

The 109th Precinct is working closely with the "We Love Whitestone" civic association as officers patrol and collect surveillance video in an attempt to identify and locate the egg-throwing suspects.

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