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Puppy Returned 3 Days After Being Stolen From Brooklyn Laundromat

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A beloved puppy was back home late Thursday, after being stolen from a Brooklyn laundromat.

As CBS2's Hazel Sanchez reported, the Cockalier, named Pippin, was back in the loving arms of owner Braulio Espinal. His family could not be more relieved.

"Once you buy a dog and you bring him home, it's part of your family," Espinal said.

On Thursday morning, Espinal said a man showed up at his laundromat on Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick, saying a stranger had sold him the 4-month-old puppy for $300 on Myrtle Avenue Monday night.

The unidentified good Samaritan had seen Pippin's story on the news Wednesday.

"I'm very thankful to him," Espinal said, "because apparently there's still good people out there that have good hearts."

On Monday, police said a man lured the puppy named Pippin away from the clerk's station inside Espinal's laundromat on Knickerbocker Avenue in Bushwick.

Espinal said he thought the dog was safe inside a locked office, but the thief popped the electronic door release, quickly scooping the pup in his arms and bolting for the door, CBS2's Doris reported. All the while, an accomplice was distracting a laundry attendant who was folding clothes.

Espinal said the three days without the pup were heartbreaking for him and his young daughters.

As to whether he would get the dog back, Espinal said, "I had faith, I had faith."

Espinal said the man who returned Pippin brought him back with food and new toys he bought, and didn't want anything in return.

Police late Thursday were still looking for the thief and his accomplices.

"Before you doing something like that, just think about it," Espinal said. "You know, hink about the pain and the distress and the stress you're going to cause other people, just for a few bucks -- you know?

Pippin will not be coming back to the laundromat until he's a little bigger. That way, he can bark at a bad guy who might try making a clean getaway.

Espinal said he still plans to compensate the man who returned the dog.

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