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New Hair Loss Treatment Inspired By Sports Injury Remedies

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) --  Justin Barton's big day is approaching fast, but before he walks down the aisle, the 35-year-old will receive treatments from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rowe for his persistent problem -- hair loss.

"I'm really looking forward to having a full head of hair for the wedding and looking to better the pictures," Barton said.

The non-surgical procedure uses platelet-rich plasma known as PRP. PRP is taken directly from the patient's blood, then placed in a machine where it spins and separates, CBS2's Alex Denis reported.

"Blood flow brings growth factors and healing factors into the hair follicles to turn them back on," Dr. Rowe said.

The platelets contain hundreds of proteins called growth factors which help heal injuries. For years, platelet-rich plasma has been used to treat tendon injuries in famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Victor Cruz. But now, doctors are using the healing properties to help regrow hair.

Men aren't the only ones trying out the new treatment.

"A certain older female population, who over the course of years, have had bikini waxing and then they determine they would like to have hair growth in their bikini area," Dr. Rowe said.

Hair extensions can also pull at the hair root and cause hair loss.

Raeann DeLuccia blames over plucking and age for her thinning eyebrows.

"You start penciling them in and ones thicker than the other -- it's going to be very good for that," DeLuccia said.

Studies show PRP works best in thinning hair. Patients can expect 25-25 percent more growth and increased thickness in existing hair.

Patients need two to three initial treatments for optimal results, at a cost of $1,500 per visit.

Though results very in every patient, Dr. Rowe recommends coming back once a year for routine maintenance.


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