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Protests Continue For 11th Day As Mayor Eliminates Citywide Curfew, Citing Five Days Of Peaceful Demonstrations

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Sunday marks the 11th day of protests in New York over the death of George Floyd.

It's also the first time in a week that protesters can stay out as long as they want now that Mayor Bill de Blasio has lifted the city's 8 p.m. curfew.

"I make the decision to end the curfew and honestly I hope it's the last time we will ever need a curfew," de Blasio said.

That news sat well with people at a "Defund Police" protest at McCarren Park in Brooklyn.

"I feel like it was invasive of our freedom," one protester told CBS2's Cory James.

"We're now able to get out and protest and spend the time to get the message across," another protester said.

"There should never have been a curfew. There's other ways to address people behaving inappropriately in a pandemic," protester Ryan Fiedler said.

"It was very, very messed up and problematic and a way to stifle your constitutional right to protest," protester Marie Khan said.

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There was another important step for protesters Sunday as de Blasio pledged to cut the city's police funding among other reforms.

"The law is supposed to protect people. It's not protecting people," protester Sigmund McDonald told CBS2's Christina Fan.

Those feelings were also echoed in the Bronx.

"We need equality for everybody," one protester said.

Hundreds walked down Grand Concourse, passing supporters stuck in traffic on buses and sitting in their cars.

Protesters cheered as a bus driver held a sign reading "I can't breathe" out the window while the crowd walked by.

Fior Daliza was among the drivers stuck in traffic, but she didn't mind.

"I wish I could be there with them protesting. We support them 150%," she said.

People late to the rally were even seen running to catch up to those marching.

"Being in the protest and everything it makes me cry," one woman said. "It's emotional, like, it's just very overwhelming."

It's also overwhelming for Rev. Kevin McCall, who joined the Jewish community earlier in the day for a rally in Brooklyn.

McCall is close with the George Floyd's family and brother.

"Terrence specifically is grateful that home borough is showing up in support of what happened to his brother," McCall said.

As protesters got ready to enter a night of hitting the streets without a curfew, organizers and civil rights advocates hoped those demonstrating would keep one thing in mind -- no violence.

"This is a protest. We are protesting the treatment and disregard for black and brown lives," said Mysonne Linen, who organized the protest in the Bronx.

The mayor says ending the curfew is the first of many steps his office is taking to strengthen the trust between officers and New Yorkers.

As night fell, the protests continued, but this time, the police took a more passive role than before, keeping their distance and monitoring from afar.

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